How it works?

Manage On-premise, On-cloud and Hybrid ITs.

Thanks to WatchMyDC’s event-driven architecture, no message gets unnoticed, every input leads to action. A low-code, cloud-native SaaS automation platform that fulfills any enterpriseʼs business needs to unlock their IT potential.

Process Flow

An Integration Platform

Which enables enterprises to associate their existing deployed various IT toolsets, for example, management and monitoring tools, ITSM, chatbot, etc.

It provides a platform for log ingestion from any source through open standard methods like authenticated webhook and Syslog. Users utilize this integration platform for log analysis and to create and save custom search strings.

  • Automates any task for all of IT
  • Offloads IT workload
  • Manual engagement only for unknown tickets and alerts
  • Updates unknown tasks to become known tasks for the future actions
  • Less queuing and shorter response times for quick updates and resolutions
  • 24/7 /365 on duty

An Automation Platform

Which provides a low-code environment to create automation playbooks and workflows for business applications, systems, and networks.

The automation platform works with the integration platform for event correlation, playbook execution, and further logging purpose.

An Observability Platform

Which provides agentless performance monitoring of on-premise and on-cloud (currently AWS) networks and systems of multiple sites and data centers from a single dashboard through open standard protocols.

Currently, SNMP and WMI are supported for on-premise networks and systems. Access-Key/Secret-Key or Role-Delegation, both access mechanisms are supported for AWS resource monitoring through AWS CloudWatch.

AI/ML-based performance projection and predictive failure reports are also included out of the box. 

Multisite Architecture Design

Safe Onboarding & Secure Data

Onboarding on-demand without IT interruptions. No critical/sentive data between sites and dashboard - optional 3-level data security features.


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