A solution that creates a positive impact through the whole Organization!

10 Ultimate Reasons Why to Adopt WatchMyDC®

1. True full-stack automation platform

Provides a true cloud-native SaaS solution to manage enterprise's hybrid IT while accessing them through open standard methodologies; SSH, WinRM, HTTP API, etc.

2. Reduce IT response time

Integrates with enterprises IT toolsets including observability and ITSM solutions, and clears the alerts and tickets by itself without engaging IT team.

3. Ensure Uptime

Operational 24/7/365 without after-hours or holiday breaks. Acts as a survivor on critical midnight situations, and proactively prevents downtime situations.

4. Integration Platform as a Service

Ingests alerts, logs, events, and incident reports from any industry IT toolset through open standard protocols; i.e. webhook, Syslog, etc. while providing you a true integration platform (iPaas).

5. Offload all predictive and repetitive IT tasks

Creates IT workflows in WatchMyDC® low-code environment for all of your predictive and repetitive IT workloads, while your IT team focuses on what truly matters.

6. A leap towards Hyperautomation strategy

As Gartner Research, Inc. predicted the rise of Hyperautomation solutions by 2025, WatchMyDC® is the platform of the future.

7. A centralized infrastructure automation solution

Brings all of an enterprise's hybrid IT under a single dashboard, regardless of how gigantic they are. Enterprises can now build a true centralized automation strategy.

8. More focused and streamlined IT operations

Enterprise's IT and DevOps teams can be more focused on innovative tasks, offloading behind predictive & predictive tasks to WatchMyDC®. Team efficiency takes a leap forwards, while IT O&M processes are more streamlined.

9. Pay as you Go&Grow pricing

Supports your software and solution adoption strategies. Build confidence in the new strategies through the platform, while offloading complex tasks when you are ready.

10. Reduce OPEX and ensure the ROI

No long-term CAPEX structures. Helps enterprises to reduce pressure on IT OPEX, and the ROI performance can be seen immediately.


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