WatchMyDC® Solution Delivery Method

WatchMyDC® solution delivery process is simple and straightforward. You can follow the instructions given here to get the solution procured, deployed and serviceable in a few hours.

1. Select a Licensing Model

Choose a licensing model that fits most for your current need from the pricing page. You can select one of the below models of WatchMyDC® licensing:

Pay as you go

Enterprise agreement

2. Get the Solution Deployed

Deploy the WatchMyDC® solution by yourself or assisted by our Professional Services team.

Self-paced deployment

WatchMyDC® Professional Services

We encourage you to visit our interactive deployment guide to know the detailed onboarding process. The guide contains recorded videos starting from the account registration till the development of a few examples of real-life business use cases.

If not already done, customers may need to get their tools and applications ready to integrate with WatchMyDC®. WatchMyDC® knowledge base contains a few examples of tested applications, such as NMS and ITSM.

The below timeline depicts the usual customer project phases. The timeline varies based on various factors related to project management.

watchmydc project deployment

3. Manage and Operate

It is possible to maintain the WatchMyDC® solution with little to no coding experience. However, knowledge of IT infrastructure management and systems administration through Ansible is an advantage.

WatchMyDC® provides an in-built SLA with each of the licensing tiers. Additionally, WatchMyDC® also provides tailored services on-demand.

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