Company Overview

WatchMyDC was founded in 2020 by two dynamic IT professionals, with years of experience and deep domain expertise, when realizing that IT infrastructures across multiple sites – cloud, on-premise, hosting providers – are managed in too many siloes without a clear connection in terms of efficiency, governance, and troubleshooting environments.

Our 5-Step Vision

  1. Reconnect enterprise’s IT to the business while reinforcing itself as a key driver for future growth
  2. Create intelligent, and fully cloud-native SaaS services that deliver high valued and seamless IT automations for enterprise’s business needs
  3. Generate more value and leverage the IT performance to achieve error-free operations
  4. Offload IT and network team’s workload to generate a higher-level outcome
  5. Provide key insights into the availability and health of IT systems

WatchMyDC® Superheroes

IT automation hyperautomation

Mijanur Rahman

CEO, Founder

IT automation hyperautomation

Tomi Korpela

CSO, Partner

IT automation hyperautomation

Marko Teivas

International Sales

Abrar Admed


Mohib Arshi

Frontend Engineer


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