Company Overview

WatchMyDC® was founded in 2020 by two dynamic IT professionals, with years of experience and deep domain expertise. They realized that hybrid IT infrastructures across multiple sites are managed in too many siloes. While most industries have adopted automation as a core value, IT operations management is still far away to be driven by automation. WatchMyDC® is a company that believes in automation in all enterprise IT operations. Customers will have the least noticeable incidents in the highest uptime environment.

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Our Vision

Build a sustainable platform for enterprises to allow them to integrate legacy and modern infrastructure and applications with the objective to automate IT and business processes. Business profitability, productivity, and efficiency are a few key value drivers.

WatchMyDC® Team

IT automation hyperautomation

Mijanur Rahman

CEO, Founder [email protected]


Riku Puurunen

Trainee Engineer
[email protected]

Heidi Luoto WatchMyDC

Heidi Luoto

SDR - Nordics Region [email protected]

Abrar Ahmed


Conquer your custom automation challenges. One automated task at a time!

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