Solution Overview

WatchMyDC is a low-code, cloud-native IT automation platform for enterprises.

WatchMyDC integrates all business and IT tools while counting every event. Each event triggers a task from the pre-scripted automation library. Such event-driven automation architecture allows enterprises to clear all manual, predictive and repetitive workloads within minutes. As surveyed, 30% to 60% operational workloads can be managed by WatchMyDC IT automation platform.

As a result, enterprises’ business applications and IT response times reduce from days to minutes and hours to seconds. Team service level remains steady above 90%. Business operational cost reduces to 30%*, and revenue increases to 8%**

* Gartner Research, ** Deloitte

Workload Automation & Orchestration

While IT service requests are manually processed by a team following queuing system, WatchMyDC can automate all manual, predictive and repetitive tasks in minutes following ITIL standards.

ITSM Orchestration Before WatchMyDC

ITSM Orchestration Before WatchMyDC® Engagement

ITSM Orchestration After WatchMyDC

ITSM Orchestration After WatchMyDC® Engagement

Powerful Scheduling Platform

Scheduled workloads like backup jobs, batch processing, system patch upgrades, data transfers, etc could be scheduled and notified by suitable outreach methods. Users can configure one-off, daily, weekly and monthly scheduled workloads across on-premise, on-cloud or hybrid environments. Organizations now can depend on a single platform for all automation needs.

Scheduling before WatchMyDC

Scheduled Workloads Before WatchMyDC® Engagement

Scheduling after WatchMyDC

Scheduled Workloads After WatchMyDC® Engagement

DevNet Development, Approval and Deployment

On the rise of demands of software-defined network (SDN) technologies, engineers have adopted various DevNet tools. They develop and deploy scripts  from various distributed points including from their laptops or desktops. Which leads to a lack of governance and increases potential risks for a large enterprise network. WatchMyDC low-code platform is a single place for DevNet coding development, approval process, deployment, store and automation. Supports the Ansible standard playbooks and modules, and can be organized in a project structure.

DevNet operations before WatchMyDC

DevNet Workloads Before WatchMyDC® Engagement

DevNet Operation after WatchMyDC

DevNet Workloads After WatchMyDC® Engagement

B2B File Transfers Rules

Enterprises had adopted cloud storage solutions for various key values like zero maintenance, auto-scaling, and better availability. And, the local copy of data could be compliant too. System Admins now can create and deploy, schedule or automate various file transfer rules across local and cloud file repositories.

B2B File Transfer Before WatchMyDC

B2B File Transfer Workloads Before WatchMyDC® Engagement

B2B File Transfer after WatchMyDC

B2B File Transfer Workloads After WatchMyDC® Engagement

Integrate All IT & Business Tools

In the post Covid19 world, enterprise IT teams have transformed lately while adopting an all-new set of tools for managing on-premise, on-cloud, and multi-cloud-centric IT. They own more tools than ever. The team spends additional time jumping between tools to get a task done. Which leads to prolonged MTTR and impaired SLA. WatchMyDC integrates with all tools while ingesting events, logs, alerts, alarms, and messages in an ElasticSearch customer instance allowing log analysis, creating, and saving custom search queries.

Integrations before WatchMyDC

Integration of Tools Before WatchMyDC® Engagement

Integrations after WatchMyDC

Integration of Tools After WatchMyDC® Engagement

Native Observability

Includes a powerful cloud-based native observability suite, an out-of-the-box feature for enterprises. Supports SNMP and WMI based on-premise and on-cloud infrastructure monitoring, as well as AWS CloudWatch for AWS resource monitoring. Maybe not a key value proposition, but enterprises can leverage its advantages to monitor multi-site IT infrastructure from a single dashboard.

Safe Onboarding & Secure Data

Onboarding on-demand without IT interruptions. No critical/sentive data between sites and dashboard - optional 3-level data security features.

Integrate any industry-leading IaC, RPA, observability, and messaging toolset!

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IaC Automation Platforms

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