WatchMyDC® IT Process Automation for Enterprises

WatchMyDC® offers various benefits after customers’ deployment. This is a great solution for automated IT incident management, IT process automation, ITSM ticket automation, etc.

Case Study: Remote sites maintenance without manual effort

One supermarket chain used to send technicians to each store on a regular basis for server and software maintenance. Now, everything is controlled and monitored from their HQ.

Features Used: WatchMyDC® Automation, WatchMyDC® Observability, Multisite

Gained Values: Reduced maintenance window, centralized management & governance.


  • No centralized monitoring tool was deployed. Since a multisite Network Monitoring Solution deployment was an architectural & budget challenge.
  • Patch & software upgrade using a remote desktop tool was assumed unreliable due to poor connectivity and incident management perspective.
  • Travel and dwell time would need to be taken into account, as well as other HR-related factors.
  • Maintenance windows would take 2-3 hours even for a known & common IT problem.


  • WatchMyDC Collector was deployed on each site on a dedicated mini-PC
  • Out-of-the-box Network Monitoring System got deployed
  • WatchMyDC automation now manages all software & patch upgrades from the HQ
  • Automated incident management got also deployed for known & common problems. The maintenance window is just 2-3 minutes instead of hours.
The solution architecture has been explained in this blog post.

Case Study: Power saving through controlling PoE consumption

This group of companies is reducing power usage by switching off the unused PoE endpoints during after-hours and weekends, such as IP Phones & WiFi AP .

Features Used: Scheduled workload on WatchMyDC®

Gained Values: Attain sustainable objectives, reduced energy consumption


  • IP Phones (PoE graded) & WiFi AP (PoE+ graded) were switched on 24x7x365 even the users are not on the floor
  • As identified, the idle periods are (i) 16 hours in a day, (ii) weekends, (iii) public holidays
  • Mixes of Cisco & Huawei network infrastructure are in use


  • The PoE endpoints are switched off during the idle periods
  • Saving at least 60%+ of PoE consumption on the floors

Case Study: 15 minutes multi-step task in a 2 minutes single task

This home automation OEM support engineers had to follow a 15 minutes multi-step task across on-premise & AWS services a few times in a day. Now they save 12-13 minutes each time.

Features Used: WatchMyDC® Automation, Hybrid (AWS & On-Premise)

Gained Values: Save process time, error free operations


  • Login to AWS following 2FA
  • Launch the EC2 instance from the template, by selecting the keypair, type, etc
  • Modify the shadow file in AWS IoT Core
  • Copy and paste variables including MAC, etc
  • SSH to the EC2 instance, then SSH to IoT Thing

Total 12 steps to follow that includes multiple copy/paste operations, taking 15 minutes time.


  • Type in WhatsApp (to the chatbot receiver): ‘connect to a thing’. Deliver those variables in the return message.
  • Wait for 2 minutes. SSH to the IoT Thing.
Total 2 steps to achieve the same goal, taking 2 minutes time.

Case Study: Automated file server maintenance

This SME uses a Linux-based NAS storage for their employees. The system admin needed to maintain the storage every time the capacity alert was seen in Zabbix (NMS).

Features Used: WatchMyDC® Automation, WatchMyDC® Observability

Gained Values: Zero touch maintenance, automated incident management, reduced ITSM tickets


  • Zabbix to send an alert in an email about the storage capacity.
  • The system admin needed to spend time and effort to export the older files to external storage (Tape Library).
  • Some known directories are to compress and export. And some are to delete permanently.


  • WatchMyDC schedules the maintenance job every week including file compression, deletion, and export to the tape library
  • If the NMS sends an alarm, WatchMyDC immediately begins the maintenance task.

Case Study: Auto piloting a Microsoft Windows Server service

This cement manufacturing company deployed an application on a Microsoft Windows Server. They use Prometheus with Grafana Dashboard for this process monitoring. The IT admin had to restart the target process every time the process stopped.

Features Used: Integration (with NMS), WatchMyDC® Automation

Gained Values: Automated incident management, reduced ITSM tickets, a great SLA


  • Contact from employees stating that service is not accessible, even after hours
  • The IT Admin logs in to the Windows Server to restart the process
  • While at home, the remote connection must be established


  • The IT Admin does not need to put attention to this issue anymore
  • WatchMyDC® restarts the process as soon as the NMS notifies of the service failure

Case Study: Automated ITSM tickets resolution

One real estate company was struggling to manage the ITSM support tickets originating from employees, agents, and external contractors.

Features Used: WatchMyDC® Automation, WatchMyDC® Observability, Multisite

Gained Values: Automated incident management, reduced ITSM tickets, a great SLA


  • Support tickets were queued for support engineers
  • The team struggled to maintain the SLA
  • Projects were dependent on the rate of support tickets resolution


  • WatchMyDC® clears at least 30% of the support tickets those are predictive and repetitive
  • The support team attends to tickets need tailored attention
  • Customer has noticed the change immediately

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