True Cloud-Native Reliability as a Service

WatchMyDC is an enterprise IT automation platform. It integrates any IT observability solution with any Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution. Example, Grafana with Ansible.

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A cloud native SaaS platform that allows enterprises to integrate their IaC solutions (example: Terraform, Ansible, AWS CloudFormation, etc) with observability solutions (example: Grafana, Zabbix, Solarwinds, PRTG, etc).


Once deployed, WatchMyDC can manage any IT incident without human intervention. WatchMyDC automates the IT operations and maintenance tasks through its continuous process learning mechanism through its AI & ML based algorithms.


In addition, WatchMyDC has its own Observability & IaC module powered by Ansible. It helps early adoption enterprises to use a single platform with flexible deployment model.



Automated Incident Response

Out-of-the-box playbooks and the power to create instant workflows allows Enterprises to tackle any situation, known or unknown.

Connects Any Observability Tool

Connect any observability tool to ingest logs, alerts & notifications through Webhook, SNMP Trap or Syslog

Connects Any IaC Tool

Integrate with any IaC tool. Browse and save scripts from Git, S3, FTP or local storage. Map scripts with observability triggers from Action Center.

Connect any RPA Tool

Adopted RPA instead of IaC tool? WatchMyDC can engage RPA too.

Predictive Failure Analytics

Predictive Failure Analytics proactively warns you about any imminent asset failures preventing disruptive downtimes.

Performance Projection

Powerful machine learning algorithms ingest terabytes of monitored data and deliver proactive insights.

Unified Visibility

One central dashboard for accessing the status and performance of your entire IT infrastructure, cloud or on-premise

Open Standards Approach

One-click deployment, and integration eliminating any vendor dependencies or pre-requisites.

One tool

A single SaaS tool to observe and automate entire IT operations & maintenance tasks, regardless how many branches and how large they are

Custom Dashboards

Customize Alerts, Reports, and other dashboards as per your needs to get critical information at a glance.

Cost Efficiency

Flexible Opex offering to improve overall cost efficiency compared to existing offerings.

Compliance, Standardization & Auditing

Implement effective organization controls and standards across single or multiple locations, ideal for a global organization.


Collector Physical Appliance

The Collector will be available as a physical appliance for large infrastructures.

Collector High-Availability

High-Availability options for the Collector enabling robust deployments.

Collector for Microsoft Platforms

Collector options will be available for Microsoft environments.

Language Support

Support for Finnish, Swedish, French, and Arabic is on its way.

About WatchMyDC


Our intelligent SaaS platform delivers seamless integration between any Observability, IaC and RPA tool for monitoring, orchestration and automation of entire enterprise IT infrastructures. Our vision is to reconnect IT to the business while reduce cost of operations and maintenance, reduce risk of outages and increase efficiency.



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