Ah! Incident management is much easier now!


Along with other features, WatchMyDC has a powerful IT incident management engine. IT incident management is one of the key elements of ITIL service management. This is how the solution handles the IT situations:

It listens, it analyzes, and then it takes actions.

WatchMyDC Incident Handling Process

FirstWatchMyDC keeps listening for incidents, alerts, tickets, requests, logs, etc through standard Webhook or Syslog. Any IT tool/system/application can push messages to the WatchMyDC platform. Simply put, imagine an NMS is sending every alert to WatchMyDC.

SecondWatchMyDC verifies the authenticity of the incoming messages by matching the secret keys. Not a match? WatchMyDC will reject the log. Then, WatchMyDC extracts & analyzes the log to store the data.

Third, If any log is actionable, it triggers an automation task immediately. By accessing any OEM infrastructure, or an API from any application.


This is how WatchMyDC saves your precious time and effort in incident management. Time is money for you and your organization, isn’t it?

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