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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Integration with WatchMyDC®


ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus integration with WatchMyDC® does not require a pre-built media package. Basically, for MangeEngine ServiceDesk Plus integration with WatchMyDC®, customers need to configure the software admin settings. Such information is collected from the WatchMyDC® Dashboard.


  1. Firstly, import and register the WatchMyDC® Collector to the WatchMyDC® Dashboard
  2. Then, generate the Webhook Secret from the WatchMyDC® Dashboard
  3. Lastly, copy the Organization ID from the Configuration Center > Collector or from the Organization Settings page


From the WatchMyDC Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Configuration Center > App Synchronization page
  2. Then, click on ME ServiceDesk Plus then click to generate the Webhook Secret, copy the key
manageengine servicedesk plus integration

From the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

  1. Login as Administrator with admin privilege
  2. Then, navigate to Admin icon, click on it.
manageengine servicedesk plus integration

3. Then, click on the Webhooks under Integrations

manageengine servicedesk plus integration

4. Then, click on New and add below parameters

  • Name: ex. WatchMyDC Notifier
  • HTTP Method: select ‘POST’
  • URL: ex. http://<WatchMyDC-Collector-IP:5050/
  • Authentication Details: select ‘Basic Authentication
    • Username: Enter the Organization ID
    • Password: Enter the Webhook Secret
  • Request Payload: 
  • Content Type: select ‘application/json
  • Lastly, click on Update

5. Later, test the configured Webhook by clicking on Execute button:

manageengine servicedesk plus integration

6. Finally, select a ticket and execute it, the ticket should be seen in WatchMyDC® Alerts Dashboard:


Service request tickets arrive to WatchMyDC® as soon as the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus integration with WatchMyDC®integration is successful.