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FreshDesk Integration with WatchMyDC®


WatchMyDC® can integrate with FreshWorks FreshDesk without the need of a pre-built notifier package. For FreshDesk integration, customers can configure the FreshDesk admin settings with required information. Such information is collected from the WatchMyDC® Dashboard.


  1. The WatchMyDC® Collector is imported and registered to the WatchMyDC® Dashboard
  2. Customers need to generate the Webhook Secret from the WatchMyDC® Dashboard
  3. Customers also need to copy the Organization ID from the Configuration Center > Collector or from the Organization Settings page


From the WatchMyDC Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Configuration Center > App Synchronization page
  2. Click on the FreshDesk then click to generate the Webhook Secret, copy the key
freshdesk integration

From the FreshDesk

  1. Login to the FreshDesk with admin privilege
  2. Click on the Admin Icon, then navigate to Workflow section next click on the Automation
  3. Under the Ticket Creation, create a New Rule
  4. Provide below information:
  • Rule Name: ex. WatchMyDC Notifier
  • Under On tickets with these priorities:
  • Under Perform these actions:
freshdesk integration
  • Remember here, when selected the ‘I have username & password‘, enter below properties:
    • Username: Organization ID
    • Password: Webhook Secret
  • In the Content, we suggest to keep it simple like below. However, it depends on customer use cases: 
"ticket_id": "{{}}",
"ticket_subject": "{{ticket.subject}}",
"ticket_url": "{{ticket.url}}",
"ticket_description": "{{ticket.description}}"

5. When validated and saved, any new ticket created on FreshDesk should be seen in WatchMyDC® Alerts Dashboard.

freshdesk integration

Next Step

Once the tickets logs are present in the Alert Dashboard, customers now can:

  • Create search strings
  • Extract and parse logs
  • Create playbooks
  • Attach playbooks with the search strings